Armored Next. Men's Bulldog Harness with Cockring

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New Harnesses in Armored collection. Make your look even more brutal and stylish. A perfect accessory to all Maskulo bottoms.

  • Bulldog harness with cockring (the cockring can be removed or replaced to your own);
  • PU foam covered with Leather-looking spandex; 
  • The Straps attached to metal rings with snaps;
  • Extra snaps for size adjusting;
  • Material: polyester 50% polyurethane 50%; 
  • Colors:Red; Red + Black; Black.

The bulldog harness with cockring is made of PU foam covered with Leather-looking material. The front detail is connected with the straps to metal rings and is fixed in place by non-openable snaps. The straps of the harness are attached to metal, 6cm inner diameter cockring. The cockring can be replaced or removed.
At the back the straps are attached to a ring, its size and length are adjustable with snaps. 

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